Covid19 protection concept



Based on the guidelines of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), we have developed the following protection concept for to protect your and our health.

Upon entering:
  • Due to the of the sales area and the 5-person rule, a maximum of 3 customers can enter the shop at a time. 
  • If there are already customers in the shop, we ask you to follow the markings to the back entrance. Masks are also required in the waiting area.
  • You should disinfect your hands when entering.
  • We will also give you a free hygiene mask and ask you to wear it during your stay in the store. We will also wear a mask.

In the shop:
  • We ask you to keep the minimum distance in the store as much as possible.
  • We would also be grateful if you only touch products that you actually want to buy.
  • Our private WC facilities cannot be used at the moment.
  • Online orders that are allowed to be picked up (self pickup) are packaged ready for shipment and must not be opened at our location.

Payment and leaving the shop:
  • The checkout area is separated from the rest of the shop by a Plexiglas panel.
  • We prefer card payments, but we still accept cash payments.
  • When you step out, you can dispose of the hygiene mask in a waste bin.

The team carries out the following work regularly:
  • Surface cleaning
  • Ventilation of the shop
  • Disposal of used hygiene masks

Your team

Version 19.12.2020